uneasy sleeper portfolio


Gift of Blindness – “Martyr”

Fuck the Facts – “Everywhere but Nowhere”

Today is the Day – “Animal Mother”

Skuggsjá – “Skuggsjá”

Misery Index “The Calling”

Misery Index “The Harrowing”

Trailer for my documentary Blekkmetal 

Promo clip of visuals for Ivar Bjornson’s BardSpec 

KEN Mode “Failing at Fun Since 1981”

Melvins “Hideous Woman”

Pentagram “Curious Volume”

Asphalt Graves “Angst and Praise”

Yeti On Horseback  “Tree Of Death” 

SubRosa – Killing Rapture

Anal Trump “That Makes Me Smart”

Ataxia “Eaten”

Virus “Investigator”

Headcrusher – Seismal

Cinema Cinema “Bomb Plot”

Today Is The Day “Blindspot”

Today Is The Day – Temple Of The Morning Star

BardSpec “Fire Tongue”

Portal – ION teaser

Ulver – Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)

Ulver – Bring Out Your Dead

Wolvhammer – “Law of the Rope”

Mutilation Rites – “Axiom Destroyer”

Cast The Stone – “Jesusatan”

Årabrot – “Pygmallion”

Årabrot – “Maldoror’s Love”

Truth Corroded – “Victims Left Lepers”

Origin – “Mind Asylum” 


My short film “Mother Satan Don’t Put Out The Light” can now be viewed in its entirety here..

Mother Satan Don’t Put Out the Light

Here is a trailer for my film “Blekkmetal” (coproduced with Grimposium)

Blekkmetal Trailer

Here is a trailer for my new short film “What Happens to My Rattail in Heaven”

What Happens to My Rattail in Heaven Trailer

“Where In The Hell Is The Lavender House? The Longmont Potion Castle Story.”

The Longmont Potion Castle documentary is done! See trailer here

Currently in post production…

Enslaved documentary

Sleep Well!

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