go to sleep

uneasy sleeper is david hall.  he produces/writes/directs film, music videos and live visuals for bands.

through his former company Handshake Inc., Hall directed and produced concert films for Pentagram, Phillip H Anselmo and The Illegals, Venom, Rwake and produced/directed 3 feature-length concert films at Maryland Deathfest.  Via Handshake Inc., Hall made videos  and/or live visuals for Today is the Day, Fuck The Facts, Venom, Wolves in the Throne Room, Brutal Truth, Portal, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Sigh, Hail of Bullets,  Jucifer, Misery Index, Woods of Ypres, Castle, Total Fucking Destruction, Dragged Into Sunlight, WAKE, Couch Slut, Pig Destroyer and many other underground/extreme metal bands.

since forming uneasy sleeper in Jan 2016, hall has made videos for Fuck the Facts, Gift of Blindness, KEN Mode, Today is the Day, Skuggsjá, Pentagram and (the) Melvins, and very recently directed a documentary (a co-production with Grimposium http://www.grimposium.com) entitled Blekkmetala documentary about the one-off 2015 festival celebrating the origins of Norwegian black metal. Featuring exclusive interviews and footage of Enslaved, Taake, Aeternus, Gehenna, Helheim, Old Funeral, Kampfar, Hades Almighty and Gaahls Wyrd performing classic and rare songs from their catalog.

currently in post production is hall’s first feature film “The Church of the Red Candle” a dark, psychiatric love story featuring an original soundtrack by Luc Lemay (Gorguts) and with one song apiece from Butthole Surfers, Chokebore and Sub Rosa.

Uneasy Sleeper and Dystopia Productions Inc are currently working on a Longmont Potion Castle documentary.  Info here: LPC Film

please contact david hall at davidhall99@rogers.com for more information